• May 23, 2024

BERNAMA : Tajikistan hopes to convene first IJC with Malaysia

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 10 (Bernama) – Tajikistan sees it is essential to make efforts to convene the first Intergovernmental Joint Commission (IJC) in 2014, which should include representatives of finance, tourism, education, agriculture, trade and other relevant sectors.

During the first ICJ, both parties reached an agreement that the Commission would discuss, examine, encourage, promote and evaluate the issues of economic, technical and scientific cooperation between the two countries, Tajikistan Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin said.

“In cooperation with Malaysian Foreign Ministry we had already convened first bilateral consultations in September 2019 in Dushanbe and I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Malaysian colleagues for their proactive participation in the first bilateral consultations.

“Continuing such a strategy, we consider it necessary to make efforts to convene the first Intergovernmental Joint Commission, in near future,” he said during an exclusive interview with Bernama recently.

Sirojiddin also stressed that it will be beneficial for both countries to establish cooperation at legislator level, as parliamentary diplomacy is recognised as an effective and reliable mechanism in strengthening bilateral relations.

To make it a success, he also had a meeting with Speaker of Dewan Rakyat, Tan Sri Dato Mohamad Ariff Md. Yusof to discuss the prospects of parliamentary cooperation.

“I would like to emphasize that Tajikistan is constantly striving for enhanced cooperation with Malaysia.

“We hope that joint efforts will give a new impetus to bilateral and multilateral relations between our countries and further strengthen the friendship between the people of our states,” he said.



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