• July 21, 2024

Education in Tajikistan

Education in Tajikistan, both long and short-term provides unique chance to self-development and opportunity to get a good impetus to move forward. It is great place to learn the rich culture, discover new places. Tajikistan is a country of the highest peaks, powerful glaciers, and rapid turbulent rivers, inimitable in its beauty lakes, unique flora and rare animals.

Education in Tajik high schools and universities conducted in both Tajik (Farsi) and Russian languages. In some cases, there is a practice of teaching individual courses in English.

Universities in Tajikistan, as well as language high schools are providing not only good level high education, but give foreign students invaluable experience of living in different cultural environment. This is fundamentally unique experience from other countries. Tajiks  hospitality is legendary. Tajikistan has an extraordinarily rich cultural legacy of poetry and music. As example, just about every Tajik can recite some lines by poets such as Rudaki or Rumi, among others. That might be an indication of high level of language teaching and the education system as well.

Education in Tajikistan today – is opening wide prospects and gaining invaluable expertise of language, culture and traditions.

Foreign nationals wishing to apply to Tajik high education should have advance level of Tajik/Russian language. Foreign students, who do not speak Tajik/Russian language, can take preparation courses in language schools. 

If you are interested in the curriculum of a particular course/faculty, please use web sites of high schools or universities. Further information may be requested from the department of international studies of University/High school you are applying to.


Tajik National University is a national university of the Republic of Tajikistan and located in Dushanbe. TNU was established in 1947.

The University consists of 17 faculties, publishing, research library, a botanical garden. It provides training in 56 fields/specialities. In 2009/2010 the new faculty of Pharmacology was opened on the basis of existed biological faculty.

The University is proud of graduates working at the various most senior government positions, such as – President of the Republic of Tajikistan – Emomali Rahmon, many ministers and others. Among graduates of the University there are prominent scientists – academicians and members of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Official Website: http://www.tnu.tj/index.php/en


The Tajik State Medical University was established in 1939.  It is located in Dushanbe and named after Avicenna (Avicenna – greatest scientists and physicians of antiquity, X-XI cc).

The University has 4 faculties (medical, dental, pharmaceutical and School of Public Health), which operate 64 departments. The teaching staff consists of more than 631 people, of which 90 doctors (Post Doctoral, PhD level) and professors, 222 candidates of sciences (PhD).

In TSMU there are more than 7,500 students, of which 475 foreign students from 15 countries.

Many graduates of the Medical University of Tajikistan works not only in the country, but also in more than 40 countries around the world, including Russia, CIS countries, UK, Germany, US, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, India, Yemen and number of African states.

Official Website: http://tajmedun.tj/


Russian-Tajik Slavonic University (RTSU), also known as Russian-Tajik University, is the university located in Dushanbe. Was established in 1996 as one of the branches of the University of Slavic Russia in Tajikistan.
The university consists of following five faculties:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of History and International relationship
  • Faculty of Languages

International activity of RTSU organized and coordinated by International Relations Department (IRD) of the university. The aim is to establish contacts with universities abroad at various levels: on academic education and international cooperation- to create a network of partnership with foreign universities for the development and implementation of international projects and programs in education, research and scientific fields. Education programs and courses are using same type of program and curricular as Slavic University in Russia. All courses are in Russian. There is also facility of foreign languages, which prepares specialist on Chinese language, mainly who intend to work as interpreters.

Official website: http://www.rtsu.tj/


Tajik Technical University named after M. Osimi – High Education Institution of the Republic of Tajikistan, located in the city of Dushanbe. There are 55 fields taught every year at the Tajik Technical University on state funded and contractual funded basis. University consists of 8 departments: Energy, Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Mechanics and Technology, Architecture and Construction, Department of Transport Management and transportation construction, Chemical and metallurgical technology, Engineering and business management.
The structure of the University includes as well:  branch M. Osimi TTU in Khujand, Dushanbe Technical College, Centre for Distance Learning and retraining, preparatory courses for students.

University has an agreement for cooperation with number of universities from abroad.

Official website: www.ttu.tj


In 1931 on the base of agricultural faculty of State University of the Central Asia was set up Central Asian Fruit-and-Vegetable Institute in the city of Khujand. Later the University was moved to the capital city.

Now at university study 6500 students. For years of the existence, the institute has prepared more than 35 thousand experts. Now there are nine faculties at the university: agronomical, agrobusiness, zoo- engineering, veterinary, economic, horticulture and biotechnology of agriculture, mechanization of agriculture and hydromeliorative and prepares experts on 31 specialties.

Official website: http://www.tajagroun.tj/


University established on the basis of the Tajik Technology College in September 1990. Since foundation, Technological University of Tajikistan contributes to the training of specialists for branches of the light and food industries, information technology, economics profile in the field of marketing and international economic relations. Expanded its capabilities since 1992 in Khujand, and 2005 in Kulob operate branches of the university. In addition, the University includes a network of specialized high schools and other educational institutions.

University has strong links with major research centres, universities of the CIS and foreign countries. University teachers improve their skills by trainings in research centres of foreign and the CIS countries. In January 1992, the University became a member of IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical practices).

Official website: https://tut.tj/?page_id=1751&lang=en


Website: www.tjuktj.narod.ru


  • Khujand State University
  • Kulob State University
  • Kurgan-teppa State University
  • Khorog State University
  • Finance and Economics Institute of Tajikistan
  • Tajik Institute of Languages
  • Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service
  • Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University in Dushanbe
  • Tajik State Pedagogical University
  • Khujand Polytechnical Institute of Tajik Technical University
  • Tajik Energy Institute
  • Mining-metallurgy Institute of Tajikistan
  • Penjikent Pedagogical Institute
  • Branch of Moscow National Research Technological University
  • Tajik Institute of Physical Training
  • Tajik Institute of Art
  • Islamic Institute of Tajikistan
  • Branch of Moscow Energy Institute
  • Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics
  • Academy of Pedagogical Sciences