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Tajikistan – Pakistan summit talks

17.09.2021 20:49, Dushanbe city

President Emomali Rahmon held talks with the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan, who is in Tajikistan on an official visit.

Following the official welcoming ceremony, President Rahmon and Prime Minister Khan had a one-on-one discussion. Later the talks continued in an expanded format.

Pressing issues pertaining to bilateral cooperation between Tajikistan and Pakistan, as well as certain urgent items on the international and regional agenda were the focus of the discussion.

President Rahmon expressed his satisfaction over the high level of political trust between the two countries.

The officials paid special attention to forward-looking sectors relating to the economy, trade, light industry, agriculture, science, technology, culture, pharmaceuticals, and the humanitarian sphere.

In order to further expand cooperation in these areas, they noted the necessity of continuing the effective work of the Tajik-Pakistani Joint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, holding meetings of the Joint Business Council, and attracting investment into the Tajik economy.

They proposed to establish joint working groups on oil, gas, energy and infrastructure, and noted the vital importance of strengthening cooperation in the transport sector, construction of railways and highways to the seaports of Pakistan-Karachi and Gwadar, and the launch of cargo flights.

In order to further develop cooperation in industry, the officials proposed to establish joint ventures in Tajikistan on the basis of modern Pakistani machinery and equipment for processing cotton fiber, wool, and leather, as well as for processing marble and the manufacture of glass.

Tajikistan and Pakistan are cooperating in the fight against global threats, such as terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking, and other forms of transnational organized crime.

In connection with the difficult situation in neighboring Afghanistan, President Rahmon stressed that Tajikistan welcomes the implementation of all projects necessary for the restoration of stability, economic and social life, and security.

The two sides looked in detail at the prospect of further expanding integration within international and regional organizations, such as the SCO.

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